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FLORA: information on vegetation and plant species and habitats within the DMZ Region.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), international consortium dedicated to integrating disparate data holdings across organization and national divides, into a single, global data source. Listings for biodiversity (flora and fauna) data holdings for ROK and DPRK regions.


            http://www.gbif.net/occurrences/searchWithTable.htm?c[0].s=26&c[0].p=0&c[0].o=31&c[1].s=19&c[1].p=0&c[1].o=108.0E,24.0N,148.0E,44.0N  (ROK)

            http://www.gbif.net/occurrences/searchWithTable.htm?c[0].s=5&c[0].p=0&c[0].o=KP&c[1].s=19&c[1].p=0&c[1].o=118.0E,35.0N,138.0E,45.0N  (DPRK)


Website section outlining deforestation Rates within ROK


Forest composition, eastern coast of ROK and fire response of forested systems.

Choung, et al. 2004. Forest responses to the large-scale east coast fires in Korea. Jour. Ecol. Research. Vol 19, 1.


Wikipedia section devoted to Flora of Korea: